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This site is dedicated to the independent music scene. We plan on covering all aspects of new and upcoming bands as well as seasoned pros that have been sharing their music around the globe for the last twenty years!

We are currently only targeting several artists at the moment but hope to expand in near future to give full updates on the hot acts in the United States that are signed to independent labels like Barsuk and Sub Pop.

The music scene in Seattle, Wa is always thriving and we originate from the area, so naturally we are going to cover venues and most bands from the area to start. We'll highlight some incredibly cool venues in the region to check out if you are in town or live here and are looking to find a new haunt.

Thanks for being a part of the smaller music scene where artists need support from the community. Stay tuned!

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Feel free to send us a personal message if you like to our help desk with any feedback or questions regarding upcoming events at generalhelp

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Check out this new cover of Death Cab for Cutie by Julien Baker!

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